Shipping from Ghana does not seem environmentally friendly?

Steps are taken to be environmentally conscious. Although all items are made to order and can be personalized, waste is minimal.

One way to reduce waste is by using a local waste management company. Putting all the metal through a fragmentizer which separates all ferrous, non-ferrous and waste materials, and shreds them down into small pieces.


Why is shipping so long for products?

Items are hand-crafted and quality assured, reducing harmful factory toxins. This takes time. If time is a major issue please contact AstrologyPsych to check for local stockists of items you wish to purchase.


Why Ghana and not China, US?

Ghana is a hidden gem often called the Gold Coast the production is of superior quality and quality assured in advance to avoid customer complaints.


Why should I buy a catalogue?

Each catalogue sale aids in promoting the positive representation of Ghana as well as providing income to support AstrologyPsychs charitable aims. AstrologyPsychs as an organization understands all business carries risk. This is why the catalogue was created. You are giving a little and gaining a lot to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit within you.